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Monday, November 17

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Saturday, November 15

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    Souls Wiki {Japanese {Japanese Button.png} {Spanish
    And please also visit and join the new Dark Souls 2 Wiki!
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    05/09/2013 Dark Souls Wiki teams up with
    18/12/2012 Dark Souls 2 Wiki is LiVE!
    08/12/2012 Dark Souls 2 Announced! Releases March 201426/08/2012 PTDE New Additions to the Game
    24/08/2012 PC Edition Released! Help update the wiki!Discuss content in Forums!Join the Chatroom!
    17/07/2012 Dark Souls Wiki hits 10,000 members. Thank you everyone!
    11/04/2012 Dark Souls PC Edition Announced! Console DLC Rumored! (Confirmed to be released on Oct 25th)17/01/2012 New Wiki Forums Live!
    23/10/2011 French Wiki is Live!
    27/09/2011 Italian Wiki is Live!
    22/09/2011 Japanese Launch!11/07/2011 Winners of Japanese Shield Design Contest revealed!
    17/06/2011 Spanish version of this wiki is live!
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    Wiki Info
    The works in this wiki are a collaboration of Japanese and International players to bring the best information, strategies, hints and tips for this game. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute information or simply chat, check our discussion forums and chat room to share tips.

    Please respect copyright when posting information and remember to cite and quote your resources.

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Friday, November 14

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Monday, March 17

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