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Missing Information

August 2012

  • Need Mag Adjust values for talismans at different faith levels. Link
  • Lingering Dragoncrest Ring. What sorceries/miracles/pyromancies/consumables? does it affect.
  • Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Needs testing on Fire Surge, I came up with 41.5% increase which seems wrong.
  • Need more details on miracle synergy and the Ring of the Sun Princess. PvE/PvP
  • Shields (discuss: http://soulswiki.forumsrpg.com/t1580-shields-pages) For now this is complete, only minor edits remain.
  • Weapon stats at the second-to-last upgrade level (+4, +9, +14 depending on the upgrade branch)
  • Any information on Moonlight Arrows? i.e what is the damage result with different bows? does the darkmoon bow increase the damage?
  • A list of what attunement stat level is required to possess a specific amount of attunement slots... for example, if I want to have 5 slots, to what number do I need to upgrade my attunement stat? This can be useful to players who plan on wielding a specific number of sorceries, miracles, etc. to use.
    • It's listed on the Stats page.
  • If the above can be done for other stats, for example strength, dexterity, and other parameters that define what weapons you'll be able to wield, that'd be useful as well. For example, what weapons or items will I be able to use if I put my strength stat up to 40 and my dex up to 30? This kind of info can be extremely valuable to players planning to make just the right build centered around the weapon or weapons of their choosing.
    • This is way to much info for a simple wiki page, and will most likely result in a chaotic table (since you have to include strength (+2 handing), dexterity, intelligence and faith). You'll need some kind of dynamic web page for this, like the character planner or one of the other calculators.

Needed Pages

  • General Concepts/Game Mechanics. General concepts explains the game mechanics of all offline features, and should be a quick introduction to a new player about the features of the game with minimal spoilers.
  • Item Comparison - side by side for individual items.

Pages in Progress

Tag usage

Wiki tags are not metadata, but a way to define different properties of for example an item. A tag does nothing on its own, but when many pages share the same tag they can be used to list other items with similar properties. Tags should mostly be single words, and not long unique sentences (like "great weapon to pwn n00bs with").
Example: The Moonlight Greatsword, it's a greatsword, it deals magic damage, and it has a special attack. It should be tagged with something like "Weapon" "Greatsword" "Magic" "Special". The Channeler's Trident should have something like "Weapon" "Spear" "Magic" "Special". So if you are looking for magic weapons with special attacks, listing items with "Magic" and "Special" tags should list both, as well as Grant and the Stone Greatsword.

Cluttered pages

If you encounter a particularly cluttered page, but have no time to clean it up at the moment, then tag the page with "cleanup" as a reminder.

Rename Pages

Pages with names that differ from in-game names should be renamed, so please tag them with "rename". Renaming pages also involves fixing all backlinks and redirecting the current page to the new one.

Duplicate Pages

Some items/equipment/npc´s have duplicate pages. Please tag such pages with "duplicate", and someone will eventually merge them.

Unnecessary Pages

If you encounter an unnecessary page, or have a request to delete a page, then tag it with "deleteme" and it should appear in the list below.

Done Pages

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