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Way of White

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Involves everything "related" to Gwyn and its followers. "This covenant is for helping out other players online. Players who are in this covenant will automatically be drawn closer to each other on the network. This makes Miracle Resonance easier to perform, as well as helps block people from antagonistic covenants from coming closer on the network." [1]

Speak with Petrus at Firelink Shrine or to Reah at the Undead Parish (after rescue from Tomb of Giants) to join this covenant.
Knights and Clerics start the game as members of the Way of White covenant.
You do not need to be a part of this covenant to purchase items. You can join and abandon the covenant and still purchase items while in another covenant.

Effects of covenant
Players inside this covenant are matched up much more easily with other players in the same covenant during online play. It is speculated this covenant is connected to the Warrior of Sunlight and The Princess' Guard covenants for online play.
Players report that joining this covenant can help reduce the amount of invaders invading into your game. Extensive testing suggests that members of other covenants are given preference to invaders over members of the Way of White. In other words, members of Way of White are only invaded if there are no other potential targets, greatly reducing (but not eliminating) the rate of invasions. However this protection appears to be reduced or eliminated if the player summons additional friendly summons to assist them, as this appears to often result in imminent invasions as well.
Rank Requirements
There are no known ranks in this covenant. It is believed additional aspects and possible ranking mechanisms related to this Covenant were originally developed and based around the Undead Parish, but later removed from the game before release.

Betrayal Penalties
There are none.
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