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Vagrants (or "Drift Items") are monsters which spawn in response to large quantities souls/humanities(/items?) being lost. When a player dies with and leaves a bloodstain with considerable humanity/souls and doesn't then collect it, there's a chance this will become a Vagrant. Vagrants appear in other player worlds seemingly randomly, and in two different forms (named "Good" and "Evil")
The "Good" form of vagrant will flee upon being discovered, whereas the "Evil" form has a claw and a ranged attack. The ranged attack seems to cause very high damage, and knock through shields very easily.

"Evil Vagrant"
"Ingame Evil Vagrant"
"Good Vagrant"

  • Evil Vagrant - Humanity (x1)
  • Red Evil Vagrant - Twin Humanity (x1)
  • Good Vagrant - Consumable Items (Transient Curse, Purging Stone, Egg Vermifuge, Divine Blessing, Coins)
  • All vagrant types only drop 100 souls in regular NG. Overkill bonus nets 120 souls.

  • It has been reported by players seeing a Drift Item (Vagrant Item) that they increase in power the longer the item stays in the world. [UNCONFIRMED]


Inside the room with many barrels where you will find Laurentius of the Great Swamp
Behind the iron bars where the Basilisk run through
Narrow corridor before checkpoint fog gate
Two levels higher from the Gaping Dragon, on the Terrace

Undead Burg and Undead Parish

After entering Firelink Shrine, inside one of the buildings
Wooden roof that has three Firebomb Zombies
Just before first fog gate
Corridor that leads from the Undead Parish to the blacksmith and the bonfire
Just after the first fog gate
On top of tower before you fight Taurus Demon (with two Skeletons)
Before Capra Demon, in one of the Assassin's rooms
Terrace near the sunlight alter
In the Parish, near the Heavy Knight

Painted World of Ariamis

North-East building, jump down from a platform with a bow-wielding enemy
In the courtyard near the well
Leave the north-east building, jump down before the tower to the right, again jump down to the right
Sewer, in the corner of the hall

Darkroot Garden and Basin

On the slope near a corpse treasure
Near the cliff edge where the Frog Rays ambush you
Bridge past Alvina
Near the waterfall
Opposite the cliff populated by Ents
Before Sif

The Catacombs

Near where you first find Patches
Near Blacksmith Vamos
In the pit with the crystal lizards
In the Pinwheels room
Behind the Titanite Demon

Tomb of the Giants

On the cliff near the start of area
Before Nito in the Pinwheel's Servants area
Pit that Patches knocks you into
Jump down from the area with the Silver Covetous Serpent ring

The Great Hollow and Ash Lake

Inside the large tree
Near the driftwood in Ash Lake
In the mushroom area just before Ash Lake
Just before the Ancient Dragon


After jumping down from a group of infested barbarians (large club wielding enemies)
Opposite the area that you first land when you reach the swamp
Before the highest sewer entrance
Opposite the area of the drainpipe in the swamp that houses a bonfire

Demon Ruins and Lost lzalith

Near the Large Flame Ember
Near the hidden elevator to Quelaag's Domain
In the lava of Lost lzalith that houses the Bounding Demons (Large dinosaur-looking enemies)
Bottom of a ledge of lava where it begins to cool
Just Before the Red Fog Gate
Before the Fog Gate leading to the Centipede Demon
Corridor of the Prowling Demon in Lost lzalith

Sen's Fortress

On the roof that you reach using the secret ladder where the Giant is
The second boulder slope, near where the Serpent Mage is
Bottom of the tower with the Crestfallen Merchant
Near the bottom where the Prowling Demons are
Second rolling slope in the hidden room with iron balls
Behind the Elite Undead Guard in the ramparts

Anor Londo

Left when you leave the spiral elevator
Turn right at the main palace gate, go through the gate, it's on the left buttress
Room with Silver Knight
Building which leads to the Painted World of Ariamis. Near the stone statue where you get by jumping down from the joist
On the walkway with the Silver Knight Archer
Just before the first broken Window (the building which leads to the Painted World of Ariamis)

New Londo Ruins

After the first landing bridge, in the small room of the annex
In the small room of the annex, on the side of the ghost house
After the first Fog Wall of the lower area after draining
In the shadow of the stairs in the first shallow area
On the roof of the ghost house
Just before the Fog Gate leading to the Abyss, spawn's at the same place as Witch Beatrice
Near the second jarred body holding two transient curses

The Duke's Archives and Crystal Cave

In the shadow of the central stairs in the first main room
On a transparent platform in the Crystal Cave
On a bookshelf in the main room of Duke's Archives
On a transparent platform in the Crystal Cave

Northern Undead Asylum

Just before the Rusted Iron Ring
On the high platform you jump down to the Asylum Demon

Kiln of the First Flame

In the wasteland by the Black Knights
On the narrow walkways

Royal Woods

On the edge of the cliff where the Crystal Lizard is located, near where the Soul of the Proud Knight is located behind the elevator
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