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"Ember required for weapon ascension. Large flame ember used in ancient rites. Handled only by blacksmiths knowledgeable in ancient methods.
Ascends +5 fire weapon. Allows reinforcement to +10, the most powerful level for fire weapons."

  • This ember is in a chest at the end of a hallway on the left, near the entrance to the Demon Firesage, and the shortcut to Lost Izalith.
  • As you descend the stairs past the fire-breathing clay statues, you will see a Taurus Demon on a path to the left. Defeat it, and then defeat second one behind it to gain access to the hallway. Be wary, a centipede Demon pops out of the roof and will grapple you (typically a 1-shot). Defeat it and then dash to the chest. 4 more centipedes will spawn from the roof and create a deadly trap, your best bet is to run past, get the ember and use the homeward bone to escape. Otherwise bring a bow and lots of (heavy) arrows. Also, for the arrow-tactic on the other hand, it is best to sneak through the hallway, as on that you will have left enough space between you and the worms every time. Even in the 4-worm death trap. Another option is to use a spear, as they have enough range to hit the worms without triggering their attacks.
  • Bring a homeward bone, it makes the return process much easier

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