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Knight Lautrec of Carim

  • First found in the Undead Parish, locked up in a prison cell. To find him, go up the stairs to the right of the elevator. You'll encounter an Undead Knight, then a room full of Zombies and a Channeler. In the left corner from where you entered, there's another passage with another Undead Knight. At the top of this passage is a hole in the wall that's boarded up. Break the boards to reveal the room containing Lautrec. Free him, and he'll give you a Sunlight Medal as a reward once you get back to Firelink Shrine and speak to him.
  • The Mystery Key unlocks the cell, and can be found in the Undead Parish on a corpse. The Master Key can also be used.

  • If you choose not to free him, he will find his own way out after you beat the Bell Gargoyle boss. He will not offer you a Sunlight Medal, nor can he be summoned as a phantom for the boss-fight.
  • Once you have finished the Undead Parish, go back to Firelink Shrine and you’ll find Lautrec sitting on the ground in front of Anastacia’s cave.

  • If Lautrec is still at Firelink after Reah has departed for the Catacombs, and Petrus has returned, he will offer you a 'tip' for your soul level x100 souls. (e.g. SL33=3300 for the tip). The 'tip' is that Reah's companions fled or turned hollow, and she is now alone in the Catacombs. In Lautrecs own devious words, "A nubile cleric would be replete with humanity. *laughter*". After buying this tip, he says he got it from a 'fleeing old man', and that 'all his trinkets and robes won't help him now'.
  • Lautrec will stay in Firelink Shrine until you have either rung both bells, or taken the Fire Keeper Souls from the Undead Parish and Blighttown, whichever occurs first. Once you have done either of the above, he will kill Anastacia and disappear (regardless if he was freed from his cell or not). However, that is not the end. When you return to firelink, check Anastacia’s cave to find her dead body and some items. Amongst the items is a Black Eye Orb which you can use to find Lautrec again, and reclaim Anastacia’s stolen soul.

  • It is possible, perhaps even recommended, to kill him when you first free him. He won't drop his armour, but will drop 5 Humanity, 1000 souls and Ring of Favor and Protection, a very powerful ring that is useful the entire game. He is not too hard to kill; he moves slowly and when he rolls he leaves himself wide open to a backstab. Additionally he has no shield. Watch out for his power attack though, it ignores your shield. An extremely easy way to kill him at Firelink is to approach him where he sits, and kick him. He will be knocked backwards onto the edge but will not immediately turn aggressive. A second kick will propel him off the side to his death. Quit and reload and the 5 humanity and ring will be sitting there.
  • Killing him early will end this sidequest, and you will miss your chance to obtain both his and Anastacia's armor sets.

Invading Lautrec with Black Eye Orb:

  • Note: Invading Lautrec is the same as invading another player. You cannot use Estus flasks to heal yourself, so be prepared!
  • After obtaining the Black Eye Orb from Anastacia's body, proceed to Anor Londo. When you reach Anor Londo, make your way through the area to the boss fight with Ornstein and Smough. In the large room just outside the room where that fight takes place, the Black Eye Orb will begin to vibrate. That is your hint on how to find Lautrec. Once you have cleared that room of the enemy so that it is safe, use the Black Eye Orb to invade Lautrec’s realm. When you do, you’ll face Lautrec and two of his comrades in a fierce battle. If you have poisoned arrows you can kill all 3 poisoning them from the point where you appeared, just shoot them and watch their health go down. All you need do is defeat Lautrec himself to win, but killing the other two will grant additional souls. Be careful, as Lautrec's shotels heavy attacks ignore your shield and must be evaded. Defeating him will grant you 5 Humanity, Ring of Favor and Protection, Anastacia's Fire Keeper Soul, as well as a Souvenir of Reprisal, an item ordinarily only obtained by members of Blade of the Dark Moon.
  • After you have killed Lautrec, you can either return to Firelink Shrine and visit Anastacia’s cave to return her soul, which will bring her back to life and re-enable the Bonfire of Firelink Shrine. Or you can use her Fire Keeper Soul to upgrade your Estus flask at one of the other Firekeepers. Be careful that using the soul to upgrade the flask or other reasons will result in the impossibility to revive the firelink shrine firekeeper and bonfire.
  • After defeating him you can find his corpse, outside the chamber of the princess in Anor Londo, containing his entire suit of armor.

  • His two companions in Anor Londo are one of the three sealers of New Londo and an NPC wearing Soldier Armor (without helmet) and wields a Wooden Shield and Spear (regular spear).


  • He is first encountered in a cell near the Bell Gargoyle boss. The cell is unlocked with either the mystery key or the master key.
  • After saving him, or after beating the Bell Gargoyles, he will appear at the camp in Firelink Shrine, facing Anastacia's cave.
  • After he kills Anastacia, he is encountered as an optional boss through use of the Black Eye Orb, in the large room outside of Ornstein & Smough's 'arena'.


  • Once rescued, Lautrec can be summoned to assist in the Bell Gargoyle fight. His summon sign can be found on a ledge across from the ladder below the fog gate to the Bell Gargoyle. NOTE: In order for his summon sign to appear, you will have to rescue Lautrec, then return to Firelink and accept his reward wich is a Sunlight Medal, then return and you will find his summon sign on the ledge.
  • You can summon Phantom Knight Lautrec in The Depths to help you fight the Gaping Dragon. His summon sign can be found on the opposite side of the pillar where Knight Soliare's summon sign is (just above the the boss fog gate).


Drops when Invaded


  • If you have already picked up the firekeepersoul in Blighttown he will not show up in the cell, Anastasia will be dead and you will not be able to use the Firelink Shrine bonfire.
    • It's not about the blighttown firekeeper soul, it happens when you pick up all the three available firekeeper souls, but players usually pick up the blighttown one last (Wrong Information!, Confirmed by picking Blighttown Firekeeper soul only). Lautrec also stays in his cell until you free him or beat the gargoyles, but if you either beat quelaag and then the gargoyles or pick up the three souls without freeing him he will kill the firekeeper and go directly to anor londo, you will not be able to unlock his empty cell either.

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