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Img00301.jpgGreat Stone Knight

A very tall, heavily armoured, knight found lying down in various parts of Darkroot Garden that wields a stone greatsword and greatsheild. It would seem they've been here for quite some time as their armour is encrusted with vegetation from lying dormant on the forest floor for so long. When you find one it'll be asleep on the ground, but as soon as get close enough it will start getting up, and once on it's feet it will start to come after you.




  • If you don't get close enough they will stay asleep, so most of them can be avoided entirely once you know where they are lying.
  • A huge portion of the HP can be eroded while they get up off the ground - simply stand directly behind them as they wake and hit them with two-handed strikes before they have a chance to attack - but once they're up you should attempt to stay behind them to deal the last few blows in order to avoid their attacks.
  • They can cast Tranquil Walk of Peace to slow you down greatly - which can devastate assassin/stealthy build - but it wears off after around 40 seconds, or will dissipate upon their demise. If you see them casting the spell this is the time to go all out on them, as the cast time is long and lets you get 2 or 3 two handed attacks in with enough time to switch back to sword and shield.
  • They're weak against strike/blunt weapons and fire damage also seems to be effective


Darkroot Garden
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