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"Art of the Flame of Chaos, which engulfed the Witch of Izalith and her daughters.
The Flame of Chaos can melt stone, producing a short-lived lava glob."
Spell Type
Short to medium range attack
Slots Used
Spell Amount
Acquired From
Joining Chaos Covenant
Thrown lava ball
  • Does not scale with Humanity like the description implies.
  • Will only be given once when joining the Chaos Covenant and will not be given again on a second playthrough.
  • This pyromancy is surprisingly effective in close quarters PvP. In addition to its large blast radius and high power with an upgraded pyromancy flame, the resulting lava tends to distribute in a rough circle around the point of impact. Thus even a near miss stands a good chance of momentarily trapping the intended target in lava. The lava also deals significant damage with an upgraded flame, is not soaked by a high fire resist shield, and slows or staggers anyone affected. At the same time, the caster (and any allies) ignores all effects of the lava, including both damage and the slowdown effect. Thus the Chaos fireball can be very effective at trapping a target, cutting off a retreat, or enabling the caster to have a few moments of free movement through the lava while the victim struggles.
  • Although this Pyromancy has only 4 casts and costs 2 spells slots instead of the usual 1 for other fireball type Pyromancies, it can be worth the investment.
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