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Respawning bugs that follow you. They are able to inflict poison, but this is not that big an issue in the poisonous swamp.


  • 30 Souls (patch 1.05)


  • Sting, inflicts poison.
  • Repeated stings, that quickly depletes stamina when blocking. Also poisonous.
  • Spits blood, inflicts poison.


Watch out if more than one reach you in close combat, they have a three hit combo that is very similar to their standard two hit combo. This can be very deceptive and catch you off guard. The three hit combo also leaves no time for an opening if they choose to repeat it instead of spitting blood at you. It is advised to back away from them as much as possible to do range or hope a melee attack hits them during an opening. It is possible to have at least four of these mosquitoes surround you at once so take them out whenever you can.
  • They will follow you and always attack in pairs, if you climb upwards they will get stuck under platforms. Beware, they seem to take priority over what you can lock onto. They attack quickly, and can prove deadly if you're fighting other enemies at the same time.
  • They are particularly vulnerable after they shoot poison at you.
  • Quick weapons like a dagger take them down in two strikes, and are easy to hit them with.
  • Usually 1 shot of basic soul arrow or a well-timed crossbow shot will kill them.
  • A Spider Shield and a Rapier is also effective, since you can attack while blocking their poisonous attacks.
  • Some weapons have issues with hitting them, but ranged weapons and spells are reliable and will usually kill them in one hit, but it may be considered a waste to use spells against them.
  • Throwing Daggers are also effective against them, especially since they are equipped as an item and won't interfere with your preferred weapons.


Yes, limited


The mosquitoes that rise out of the swamp will respawn 3 times each when killed (patch 1.05), before the patch they respawned infinitely. After the patch they also drop some souls when killed.
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