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The ghosts of New Londo are the spirits of the former residents, who were wiped out when the city was flooded. They are cursed beings, so to interact with them you must become cursed yourself. These ghastly white shades glide and attack through walls, ceilings, and floors. They have long melee ranges and a vicious grab attack. Some are also hidden above and below you, and will stab at you when you go past.


  • Stab.
  • Long ranged Stab.
  • Double overhead Stab.
  • Long ranged Grab, then reels you in and slits your throat.



New Londo's Ghosts and Banshees cannot normally be blocked or harmed by the player; however, there are three ways to enable combat:
  1. Become cursed: A distinct disadvantage, leaving you at half your normal hp, but you will not need to renew it throughout the segment.
  2. Use a Transient Curse item: The female undead merchant in the aqueduct will sell you up to six for 4,000 souls a piece. There are a couple placed drops in the New Londo Ruins area itself, and the ghosts there may also drop two Transient Curses at a time. Transient Curses will last for 5 minutes, but can leave you very surprised when they run out, suddenly leaving you unable to block and hit.
  3. Use only the cursed weapons: Ghost Blade, Jagged Ghost Blade or Greatsword of Artorias (cursed). Note that the ghosts attacks also goes straight through normal shields and armor when you are uncursed, so you might as well fight naked. The Ring of Steel Protection will lessen the damage taken (same with high humanity), and you are also able to block with your cursed weapon when it's 2-handed. High poise is also useless, since they'll stagger you no matter the amount of poise. The only poise exceptions are the Havel's Greatshield special ability and the Iron Flesh pyromancy, the latter will also reduce physical damage by 40%, but they both have limited duration. Do not engage multiple ghosts uncursed!


  • Beware of the ghosts' long-range grab attack, which they can use while floating over open water. If it connects you will be pulled into them, heavily damaged, then released. If there is no ledge below you to fall onto, you'll plummet to your doom. The best strategy is to lure them out of hiding in small groups (ideally one or two at a time), and kill them with a fire weapon after blocking their attacks. Weapons with fast attack speeds are also useful as the ghosts are easy to interrupt. One of the most difficult aspects about fighting ghosts is their ability to come at you from any direction and especially through walls. Many times you won't even know they are there until you have been attacked or surrounded. This makes it important to make your way through cautiously and eliminate ghosts as you come across them. This is due to the fact that you don't know if another part in the level will take you close enough to allow them to detect you and catch you unawares.
  • Wearing the ring of fog may help to decrease the radius at which they detect you, but it decreases the range by a small bit.
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