Online play item. Lure phantoms from other worlds. (Only Covenanter can use this item while Hollows cannot)
"The dreadful Eyes of Death spread disaster across neighboring worlds. Phantoms lured to the host world may end up as victims, allowing the Eyes of Death to multiply, and leading to further proliferation of bane."


  • The Eyes of Death are used to level up in the Gravelord Servant Covenant.
  • They are also used to put signs on the ground, which will send Black Phantoms into 3 random players worlds. The players can then search for the sign and invade the gravelord. If the gravelord defeats the invaders, he gains additional Eyes of Death. Level range is +/- 10% of the host's level
  • A black aura appears around the player, indicating the Eye of Death is active.
  • You can't fight any bosses while the Eye of Death is active, but you can walk between areas freely.
  • The effect is removed when you die, or quit and reload the game as well as being summoned, invading via cracked orbs or using homebound or homeward bones.
  • The player can only visit Nito if they have Eyes of Death in his inventory.
  • For further info about the requirements and effects of the Eye of Death, see the Gravelord Servant page.


Multiplayer Usage: The evil eye can only be used while in the Gravelord Servant covenant - if you are not in the covenant you can't use the eyes.
Once the Eye of Death is activated a sign will appear in other player worlds in the Gravelord Servant's active lobby. This sign moves with the Gravelord Servant and refreshes about every 10 seconds.
Players who are in NG+ or above will be 'Cursed" with Black Phantom versions of enemies within that level.
Players who see the sign can invade the Gravelord Servant via the sign. Up to 3 players can enter the world of the Gravelord Servant via the sign. However because the Gravelord is also in human form and has the area boss alive he may also be invaded by Darkwraiths and Darkmoons if found to have sin.
If the host defeats the invaders that have been cursed by him he will gain 1 eye of death for each kill and the effects of the eye will persist in a players world until he kills the Gravelord, meaning if you die fighting the Gravelord you will still be cursed.
Notice: Please make sure you understand the level ranges that the Eye of Death affects in reference to your soul level. Consider as well high traffic areas and popular soul levels.
Happy bane spreadin!