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Ember required for weapon ascension.
Divine embers are property of the church,
and intended for divine blacksmiths.

Ascends +5 standard wpn to divine weapon.
(divine weapon can be reinforced to +5)

Divine weapons are for Undead hunting. Use
against Undead and the pawns of necromancers.

Divine Ember can be found after the boss fight with the Moonlight Butterfly on top of a tower. The ember is held by a petrified Blacksmith.

Given to Blacksmith Andrei to allow him to ascend a +5 standard weapon to a divine weapon. This divine weapon can then be upgraded to an additional +5.

Divine weapons are effective against the Undead, such as the skeletons found in the Catacombs. It is said that they can't reform themselves after being slain by a divine weapon.

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