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4002.png "This ring symbolizes Knight Artoria's covenant with the beasts of the Abyss.
Its wearer, like Artorias himself can traverse the Abyss."


Acquired from


  • This ring is removed in New Game Plus. So you have to kill Sif in each playthrough to get this ring and be able to fight The Four Kings.
  • If the ring is removed while in the Abyss, and the Four Kings are undefeated, the player will die.
  • This ring is required too when you're helping someone as a white phantom to fight the Four Kings. Not wearing it will cause you to die.
  • The ring is not needed, when entering the Abyss, after the Four Kings are defeated.
  • If this item is dropped, it will reappear in the chest in Firelink Shrine.
  • This item can not be traded, since it will not appear to the other player(s) if dropped.


Ring provides no other bonuses


A player has reported being able to "trade" this ring for a Prism Stone, by dropping it in front of the graveyard stone where you encounter Sif and then returning to a bonfire (howeward bone or die). Possibly, this is dependent on wearing Boss Weapons made from Sif's soul (the player was wearing Artoria's Greatshield and Artoria's Greatsword (normal) (so to even attempt it one needs at minimum NG+). However, the trade did not always work (4 out of 40 tries), indicating an additional factor which is still unknown. Note that this is UNCONFIRMED.
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