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This is the daughter of chaos also know as Ancient White Spider Witch's covenant, located behind a false wall on the first floor of the room behind the boss of Blighttown (Quelaag). To enter the room and gain access to the bonfire and Spider Witch, you will need to tell the creature that blocks the entrance that you are interested in joining (note that this does not count as committing to the covenant).

EDIT: I accidentally answered "No" when the Egg carrier (The creature blocking the way) asked me if I was a new servant. He attacked me, I killed him and I was able to join the Covenant and get the Pyro spell anyway. Also, no egg was planted on my head. I left the covenant as soon as I got the spell, nevertheless, through Oswald of Carim in the Undead parish. -Bolinkendo

How to correctly get infected with eggs:
Equip a low powered weapon for starters. Then go up to an egg carrier and give them a little tap, but make sure you don't kill them. You can also jump on top of them, or just kick one of them a few times. After that, all you have to do is stand there and wait for the burdened to grab hold of you and impregnate your forehead. This can take a couple attempts for it to stick, but when it does the easiest way to tell is for you to let your character idle. Once your character is idle he will randomly scratch his head. After that it's just a waiting game, but it can take up to 10 minutes for the egg to hatch, and when it does if you go see Eingyi (Egg-burdened npc after Queelag) and he will give you an Egg Vermifuge and access to Poison Mist and Toxic Mist Pyromancy spells.

Warning: When you're infected with the egg hat you only gain half the normal amount of souls from mobs for your character.

Note: in the early gamespot review of the game, the reviewer mentioned that he got infected by the eggs by idling in a certain boss' lair for too long (2nd last paragraph).

You must have access to Queelag's Domain (lower Blighttown).
1. Reach Quelaag's Domain and locate the White Spider, who is behind a false wall below the lever to activate the underground bell (see Ancient Spider Witch)
3. Talk to her and select Enter Covenant
3. You will obtain the spell Great Chaos Fireball, and can buy spells from the Egg Burdened nearby.

Effects of covenant
  • Upon joining the Chaos Servant Covenant, you will gain access to three powerful pyromancies, with another granted at rank 2.
  • If the player kills or harms the witch or one of the Daughters of Chaos, the Covenant will be considered broken, and an egg will be implanted on your head. This egg will feed on the souls you gain and, when enough souls are absorbed, will hatch into a giant egg which will replace your head. You will no longer be able to equip head gear and your kick animation will be replaced by a 'maggot attack'. Eggs are also extremely flammable, and make you vulnerable to fire. To get rid of these parasites you need an Egg Vermifuge that can be purchased from Eingyi, in case you didn't break their covenant, dropped by other Egg Burdened, (who are also the other way to get infected.) or pillaged from the Two headed snakes in the Forest area of Darkwood.
You do not have to be a member of the Chaos Servant Covenant for these next things.
  • If you speak to Eingyi (the Undead with eggs on his back) while you have an egg on your head, he will allow you to purchase the spells Poison Mist and Toxic Mist, and also give you a free Egg Vermifuge to remove the egg from your head. These spells will remain available for purchase afterwards, regardless of whether or not you have an egg on your head.
  • Eingyi also sells a Servant Roster, which will let you view all players who are members of the covenant and their contribution to the covenant (how much humanity they've given up kept as a score). It is unknown if this is used for anything other than this.
  • Possible glitch needs confirming: Coming here after defeating Ornstein and Smough may result in not being able to buy certain spells (I can not purchase the poison or toxic spells and can not have the flame ascended, in or out of covenant ). Poster: ripghoti (Eingyi can not ascend). poster: orkanamn
  • This is true at least from my experience and testing , made a new character didn't visit daughter of chaos until i had beaten Ornstein & Smough , Eingyi didn't sell any spells just an Egg Vermifuge. Glitch seems to get fixed with killing another boss (Ceaseless discharge in my case.) Poster: Cr0no
  • Tested. As with Cr0no before, on one character, did not visit Quelaan until after defeating Ornstein and Smough. Could not buy spells from Eingyi. On a second character, I visited Quelaan, but did not join the covenant, and did not attempt to buy or upgrade anything with Eingyi. Then defeated Ornstein and Smough, came back, and I could buy all the spells no problem. Poster: Qothe

Leveling Chaos Covenant
Humanity Offered
Upon joining, receive Chaos Great Fireball
Receive Chaos Firestorm and open the shortcut to Izalith.
*Note: You can leave the covenant after opening the shortcut to Lost Izalith, and it will remain open. However, leaving before doing so means that you cannot open the door until you become Chaos Servant +2 again.*
Offering 30 humanity in a future play-through will not give you additional Chaos Firestorm spells.

Betrayal Penalties
Attacking white spider or Eingyi.
Killing the white spider will deactivate the bonfire and give you a Fire Keeper Soul. You can still warp to this fire once deactivated.
If interested on how the egg head looks you can check the following video. Shows the 1st stage of the egg, the hatching and later the larva attack.

A side note: If you break the chaos servants covenant, and gain eggs, you will no longer be able to buy the antidote for the eggs. You will still be able to get it from rare drops from egg carriers and the Tree Lizards from the Darkroot Gardens.
You can also find one Egg Vermifuge in The Painted World of Ariamis.
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