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Used to reinforce Magic (+6 onward) and Enchanted weapon modifications.

  • Blue Titanite drops from the Crystal Golems found near the Hydra in Darkroot Basin and in greater quantity in the area preceding the Crystal Cave in The Duke's Archives.
    • Farming tip: You can easily range down the golems by leading them up to the tower, standing just out of range on the other side of the doorway and hitting them with spells or ranged weapons.
  • A Blue Titanite Chunk can be obtained by killing the Black Knight guarding the Grass Crest Shield at Darkroot Basin. Or by killing the respawning 5th Black Knight outside of Gwyn's arena.(100%)
  • A Blue Titanite Slab is found in the Crystal Cave. To reach it, fall down onto the invisible bridge leading to the boss and turn around. You'll see a cave wherein several Crystal Lizards reside. The cave leads to a second, trickier invisible bridge that curves to the right and then to the left. At the end of this bridge is a corpse from which you'll obtain the slab.
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